Saturday, October 14, 2006

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Ok, I keep proofing, and coming up with more and more beautiful shots of her! This one was kind of a fun one, I left her in color, and went black & white with the background. What do you think?

And this, this is just gorgeous. So, "come hither," you know? That soft setting sun, and her lovely expression. Just gorgeous.

And the piece de resistance . . . wow. She looks like a Covergirl. C, you should get into modeling. I'm so serious, look at that face!!!

Oh, by the way, I am feeling a little better today. Thanks for asking.



Alisha said...

Love your fav shot of the week! Love that last shot too...OK..I LOVE them all...haha! She is a beauty queen! You captured her SOOO wonderfully:) Beautiful work Da!!!

Nadia said...

Gorgeous girlfriend! Sorry I haven't been keeping up with blogs lately. I am just sooooooooooooooo busy these days. I bet you enjoyed this session. She's stunning and does well in front of the camera!!