Friday, October 13, 2006

More Beauty . . .

I happen to be suffering miserably from the flu at the moment. But it's late, I can't sleep because I cannot breathe, so I'm bored. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to update my blog. So . . . here are more of this young beauty's senior portraits.

The first two were shot in an old hay barn. We had to use a reflector to bounce the sunlight back into the barn to light up her face. It worked like a charm.

My guess is she wont like this one, but I liked the way her hair was kind of messy. Gave her a whole different look I thought.

A new personal favorite of mine. She is just so beautiful. Kind of reminds me of Shania Twain . . but prettier.

The sun was getting ready to go down, so we were getting some really pretty light at the end.

Well, according to the clock, I can take more theraflu, so I'm gonna and hope I can sleep. Until next time, smile!


1 comment:

Nadia said...

Yep, love these too! You have a way with teens!