Friday, June 30, 2006

My Day

Yes, yes, I know. I already posted today. But so what, it's my blog. I can do whatever I want with it.

And besides . . . it's my birthday.

I had a fantastic birthday, by the way, since you asked. I got a babysitter (YAY) and my dear, sweet mother, picked me up and took me to have a sea spa pedicure. Can you say, FABULOUS??? I chose a darling shade of pink for my tootsies. They look so cute, I think I should buy new sandals to show them off.

Then, they talked me into getting my eyebrows waxed. Oh dear. I'm glad I did it, I had been thinking of doing it for some time. But no one told me that the process would remove my makeup from the entire area. Over, under and around my very full eyebrows. In between my eyebrows. Picture this, we did this first thing in our day, so I was walking around with this big red M on my forehead. My skin is very sensitive, and it was red and splotchy, and then swelled slightly. If you were to interview my forehead, it would probably say it had been severly assaulted. Not good.

So my mom decided we should go to WalMart to get some makeup since I don' t carry it with me. I guess she didn't want to hang out with me all day with the red M. Wonder why?

So we're walking through WalMart, and I notice people keep looking at me funny. Then I remember, the M. They were staring at the M. Thinking what is wrong with that freak's face??? It really was very scary. I wonder how often I will have to have it done to keep it up.

Next she took me to my favorite restaurant, a Japanese steak house. YUMMY. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Then we did a little shopping. It was lovely. Then I went home, took a short nap, and then over to my mom's house for dinner. She did steak on the grill, and my family was there.

It was a wonderful day. I'm sad that it's almost over. But it was a great day.


Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to myself
Happy Birthday to me!

I love birthdays. My birthday, your birthday. Love them all. Any reason at all to eat cake.

It is now 3:18 a.m. on my 38th birthday. Wow. 38. You know, I feel like that scene in "When Harry Met Sally," when Sally says through her tears, "And I'm going to be 40 . . . " Harry says, "When?" And Sally says, "Some day. It's just out there . . . " Love that scene. Now I'm too close to 40. It's out there, too close.

I'm glad I don't freak out about getting old. I do freak out about having gray hair and zits and arthritis all at the same time. It's got to be some great cosmic joke God is playing on me.

P.S. I love white cake too. Yummmmy. This shot is from the only wedding I ever did.

: )


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Butterfly Girl

I just realized I posted the wrong version of my "Butterfly Girl," image. So I'm following up that entry with this one. I'm now posting the black & white version and the correct color version. I hope you enjoy it. This is my brand new favorite picture of her.


My Sunshine

This is my daughter, my sunshine. I love her face. I want to remember her every expression. That is why I love photography. If I forget, I can look back at pictures.

She has such a great smile. Even as a baby, she had a great smile. Her whole face smiles. Her eyes, her mouth, all of it. And when she's angry, she shows it all over face. Of course, I'm totally prejudice, and think she is exquisitely beautiful as well. Her big, shining brown eyes, her cute little button nose. The perfect face really. Accented with just the right amount of freckles.

She's a real girlie girl too. She loves to dress up and wear fancy shoes. She has more shoes than I do. My mother spoils her rotten. But she is a well dressed girl!

These are some of my favorite shots of her. I hope you enjoy!


Thursday, June 22, 2006

9 Years Ago

Nine years ago today, I was miserably pregnant, and terrified. I was scheduled the next day to have a c-section. I had no idea what motherhood would bring me. But I wanted to know. I couln't wait to get that little "alien" out of me, and into my arms. It was really weird knowing that you were going to go in and have a baby. It was kind of disappointing, not getting to have the moment that you go into labor. But then again, I didn't have the pain of labor either.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Remember Me

When I die, I hope there is someone who remembers me. Someone who remembers something specific about me. Maybe I helped them in some way. Maybe I made them laugh. Maybe they heard me sing, and remembered the song. I've been feeling so "ineffective," lately. I don't think I'm making much of a mark on the world right now. It's kind of depressing.

I always wanted to change the world when I was younger. I haven't done that. Yet.

I guess I've changed the world in two small ways. I brought two new people into it. That's kind of my mark right now, I guess. Motherhood. It's all consuming. I wouldn't change a day of it though. I would change me. I would like to be a better mother. A more fun, energetic mother. A more creative mother, who can take her children on wild adventures with just some sheets and tin foil. But I'm not that mother. I'm kind of a "how-many-more-times-do-I-have-to-read-this- book???" kind of mother.

I've recently started shutting and locking the bathroom door behind me just so I can have some peace and quiet. I've decided I'm no longer going to share my toileting experience with my whole family. All three of them feel the need, frequently, to join me during my time in there. Sometimes, all three of them at the same time. Now I lock the door. Which results in my 5 year old daughter camping out on the other side of the door till I come out. I can hear her out there, hanging on the door knob. She has slid me pictures and notes under the door, as if she's never going to have contact with me again. She builds monuments of toys outside the door, for me to see when I finally come out. She missed me.

Ah, motherhood. It's an adventure. Even without the sheets and tin foil.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Cheerleader and the Jock

We had Camryn's friend Caitlyn over today for a play date. The first thing they did was dress up. Camyrn of course went for the cheerleader outfit, and Caitlyn found this outfit of Jackson's that she put together herself. This is so true to life of who they are, Camryn is prissy and the cheerleader, and Caitlyn is the jock. I'm sure as they grow up together they will be the best of friends. But each having their own way of doing things. Caitlyn's mom, Carla and I were great friends growing up. I remember we were at her house when we found out Elvis had died. It was a horrible moment. We were just kids, but we knew it was the end of something wonderful.

We were also "Grease," fanatics. I can't remember how many times we actually saw it, but we knew all the songs by heart, and all the moves. I'm glad our girls are growing up together.


All Mine

I wanted a place to speak my mind. A place where I can say whatever I want, and no one can stop me. Or interupt me.

A place to share the ramblings of my mind. A place to share some of my favorite photos. A place to share the funny thing my kids said or did today. A place to unload. A place to just be me.

I am a stay at home mom, which I wouldn't trade for anything. But sometimes, a mom just needs some time to herself. A time to just let her hair down and be herself. I have a lot to say. I don't get much of a chance to say it though, as the the three people I live with are BIG talkers. Mostly I listen. Sometimes I don't. I'm working on that.

I love my family ferociously. My husband is the man I prayed for. He's my friend, and the one I love. My children are a part of me. A little piece of me morphing into something, someone else. I love watching them grow. They are so smart.

I have a lot to say. Stay tuned, you might be surprised.