Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Lovely Christina

I just love shooting senior portraits!! And I've been so blessed this year to have such a lovely aray of young ladies to photograph! Today's senior was no different, she is just beautiful!

She has this gorgeous blonde hair, that is naturally curly! It's so beautiful! And gorgeous blue eyes . . . and what a smile!

But wait, that's not all. She's also smart and sweet. While visiting with her, I learned that she is going to college to study law. This girl's got the whole package!

She took me to a new place to shoot portraits. It was this really cool historical home with beautiful grounds and lots of different places to take her pictures. We ended up with quite a variety!

I told her I would probably go through and pull some of my favorites to post here tonight, to give her a sneak peek!

And I just can't resist using these darling borders from Jessica McCollam. Aren't they great?

Christina, thanks so much for choosing me to do your senior portraits. It was a real pleasure working with you, and meeting your family. I hope you had fun, and that you enjoy this little sneak peek!


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