Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stunning Christina

Ok, I've been proofing images like crazy, trying to catch up. And I came across this one image of Christina that originally I had thought would end up on in the trash folder. But when I looked at it again, something about it grabbed my attention. I converted it to black & white using a chocolate syrup action, and WHOA! It just came alive! Now, I cannot decide between the full image, or the cropped image. What do you think?

Isn't she stunning??? For the rest of you waiting on your sneak peek of your proofs, they are coming! I'm working as fast as I can!!


Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Princess and More . . .

I have been so busy with shoots the last two weeks, I think I got a little burned out on proofing images! So this weekend, I've taken time off to just create more scrap pages. Tomorrow it's back to proofing, as I have three (that's right, 3!!) to get proofed and out to my clients!
But for tonight, I want to share some more of my fun scrap pages. I will list all the designers who I have used their works to create these three new pages.
This is a fun little Christmas page I created from Christine Smith's SuperStar Sampler kit.
This is a FREE kit you can get from Christine where she sells her work. www.thedigichick.com This kit isn't a Christmas kit, but I thought the red paper background looked like poinsettias, so I went for something different with it than expected. The pictures are of my kids, and my grandma last Christmas. The one of my son opening his gift is called, "Pure Joy," and it was a Finalist last year at BetterPhoto.com.
This cute layout of Katie on her 6th birthday was also created using papers and embellishments from Christine's SuperStar kit. I wanted to use the stuff in two different ways to show how versatile these things can be. You can do so much with one kit!
Now this page came about because my daughter saw me creating all these other pages and wanted to know when I was gonna make her a page!! So of course, here you go baby girl. I used a ton of different stuff on this one. So here is the list:
Papers, Rose stamp, Stick Pin & alpha letters from the Shabby Princess's Vintage Floral kit, you can find her designs at her site: www.theshabbyprincess.com. The brads holding images are from Laura Alpuche's September Sun kit, found on www.thedigichick.com. The torn border is from Lori Imel's Sampler @ www.Digitals.com The brown tag is from a free Skateboard Kit, but I cannot remember where I got it. (Sorry!) The bow is from Myszka's Free sampler at www.digitals.com The brown rimmed velum tag (round) is from Michelle Malia's free sampler at www.digitals.com. The Scroll Stamp is from Lauren Grier's Skippy DooDa kit, which can be found at www.digitalfreebies.com. The 2 Ivory flowers are from Dana Frantz's SouthHampton sampler at www.digitals.com. The notebook paper is from a sampler kit for Back To School, cannot remember where I got it either. The fonts I used are Teletype and Brenden's Hand.
Please visit any of these sites, if you're interested in purchasing these items. They are great fun for digital scrappin as you can see!
Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Love Birds

I just got some new digital scrapping materials, and of course stayed up till almost 3 am creating a layout with them! I'm just crazy for this stuff!

Here is Casey and Jason, in one of their portraits, featuring a kit by Lauren Grier from www.digitalfreebies.com. This is Lauren's "Hibiscus," kit. When I saw it, I knew it would match the clothes they were wearing perfectly!

I hope you like it!


Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Lovely Lady

Ok, I'm not done with Christina's pictures yet, but I took Casey's senior portraits today, and I couldn't resist working on a couple to post here for her.

Believe it or not, this lovely lady is married! This is her and her dear husband on the road right in front of their farm. I just loved this image!

This one was taken out in their field behind their house. Love the drama created by the black & white here.

Casey & Jason it was so fun working with you guys! I really enjoyed it! And tell your puppy that my kids found paw prints on my back! So I told them the story and they got a big kick out of it! He was so cute! Tell him I said hi!

Till next time!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More of Christina

Ok, I'm having a blast using some digital scrap book elements to create beautiful displays of my portraits!! I think I'm addicted!

Here's a couple I did of Christina!

The artists who created the things I used are: Amy Jo Smith, Andrea Burns, Amy Knepper, Mari K, and Christine Smith. All of their designs can be viewed and purchased through www.thedigichick.com Also, I would like to mention that I created the brown & pink polka dot ribbon myself!!

Ok, I'm off to do more playing!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

Ok, thanks Jessica! Now I've been tagged. Ugggh. Now, I have to come up with five weird things about myself. Hmmm, perhaps I should ask my family?

Ok, here goes.

1) I hate to wear shoes. It really irritates me to have to put shoes on to leave the house. I am just so much more comfy barefoot. And, if I have to wear shoes, I prefer flip flops. This doesn't bode so well with being on the platform at church. I've been known to bring flip flops to change after I come down from the platform.

2) When I eat a Three Musketeers bar, I eat all the chocolate layer off first. Then I eat the creamy nougaty inside. I like the taste of it by itself. If I could buy just that stuff, I would.

3) I hate to use bodywash. Uggh. For some strange reason if I have showered and I still feel any moisture in my skin . . . then I am not clean. So using bodywash, makes me all soft and moisterized. Uh uh. Not clean. Can't do it. Give me a good ol' bar of Safeguard anyday.

4) Ok, this is really weird. When I'm a passenger in a car, I have this thing where I clinch my teeth on the side of the road where there is no grass. Like driveways, and such. Or, I will clinch my teeth on the side of the road where there is a dotted line. I "clinch," on the part where there is no yellow. I have no idea why I do this, but I've always done it as long as I can remember. And after awhile, my jaw gets really sore. LOL. Plus, it's bad for conversation with the driver, because I totally space off sometimes when I'm doing it.

How weird is that??

5) I don't think I can beat that last one. Oh, I got one. Ok, I am 38, and I have gray hair, zits, and arthritis all at the same time. I have to go to the store and buy Clearasil and Hair Color both. I don't know if that's weird, but it's certainly not fair. It just confirms to me that God does have a great sense of humor.

Ok, I'm tagging Sandy Landon, Melanie White, Alisha Ekstrom and Christy Long. Tag, you're it.


It Ain't Easy Being Cute!

I wanted to post a picture of this little cutie that I met yesterday while doing her big sister's senior portraits. This little lady was full of spunk and personality. I was really blessed to catch this one, as she was sitting on the ground under me while I was shooting. I just happened to look down, call her name, and wow, did I catch a great smile or what?? She was adorable!

I have also used some fun elements to create this digital scrapbook, and I want to give credit to all the designers who I used to create it. First of all, I used my own Spotty Dotty storyboard template to for the background page. I also have created the brown & pink spotted ribbon used. The rest of the embellishments came from different designers at thedigichick.com. Their names are: Christina Smith, Amber Clegg, Amy Knepper and Sarah Jones. You can view and purchase all of their unique and fun designs at www.thedigichick.com! I also used a border created by my friend Jessica McCollam. Her designs can be viewed and purchased at http://jvbordersnmore.blogspot.com/.

To little Jami and her family, thanks for sharing the day with me!



The Lovely Christina

I just love shooting senior portraits!! And I've been so blessed this year to have such a lovely aray of young ladies to photograph! Today's senior was no different, she is just beautiful!

She has this gorgeous blonde hair, that is naturally curly! It's so beautiful! And gorgeous blue eyes . . . and what a smile!

But wait, that's not all. She's also smart and sweet. While visiting with her, I learned that she is going to college to study law. This girl's got the whole package!

She took me to a new place to shoot portraits. It was this really cool historical home with beautiful grounds and lots of different places to take her pictures. We ended up with quite a variety!

I told her I would probably go through and pull some of my favorites to post here tonight, to give her a sneak peek!

And I just can't resist using these darling borders from Jessica McCollam. Aren't they great?

Christina, thanks so much for choosing me to do your senior portraits. It was a real pleasure working with you, and meeting your family. I hope you had fun, and that you enjoy this little sneak peek!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Finalists and a Fun Collage

Hi all! Today I wanted to feature a few more of my BetterPhoto.com finalists from the past. Again, these have all been enhanced featuring photo borders created by my friend Jessica McCollam. You can find the link to her site in the "Click Here," section in the sidebar of my blog.

This one is my very first finalist that I ever received at BetterPhoto. The title of this image is ,"Sweetness." Of course, it's my little girl, when she was about two.

This is one my favorites of my son. This was taken right after I got my new D70, and I was practicing on him! He gave me some really cute poses, and it was the day before Valentine's Day, so we had a little fun. I always hoped to make a Valentine card out of this.

This was one of my earlier winners too. It's called, "Walking On Sunshine." This is my sun taken about three years ago. He is walking down a driveway that leads to a Vet clinic in a town near us. Every spring it is in bloom with these gorgeous daffodils.

This is one of my all time favorites of Camryn, she was dressed up like a fairy. She was just sitting on the porch posing for me, and I caught this sweet moment. I used some selective coloring and other effects to get a vintage feel to it. I just love this image. It also won a finalist medal.

One more fun thing I wanted to post today. This is a collage I made using one of my Spotty Dotty templates. I also used some new typewrite alpha style letters from the collections of Christine Smith, digital scrapbook designer. You can visit her blog at: http://christinesmithdigital.blogspot.com/

Click on any image above to view it larger!

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

BetterPhoto.com Finalists

I just purchased some new borders from my good friend, Jessica McCollam. They are so fun, and make your images look just a little bit more special! So I decided to showcase some of them on some of my portraits that have won finalist medals at BetterPhoto.com.

If you are a photographer, or digital scrapbooker, you should check out Jessica's designs! Her link is: http://www.jvbordersnmore.blogspot.com/

Enjoy these old, but still favorite portraits from my collections.


Monday, October 16, 2006

PLEASE Don't Print Photos

To my clients, viewers, friends and family:

Just a friendly reminder that printing photos off of my (or anyone else's) blog or website is an infringement of copyright regulations. All images posted on this blog belong solely to DC Portraits & Imaging, and cannot be printed, copied or distributed in any manner without the express written permission of myself (Dale Ann Cubbage), and are protected by federal copyright laws and regulations.

I realize not everyone is aware of these laws, so I just wanted to post a friendly reminder, and ask that you please not print images from the blog. The print quality that you would get from a home computer is not a true and just representation of my work, and I ask that you please refrain from doing so.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Dale Ann Cubbage
DC Portraits & Imaging

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Ok, I keep proofing, and coming up with more and more beautiful shots of her! This one was kind of a fun one, I left her in color, and went black & white with the background. What do you think?

And this, this is just gorgeous. So, "come hither," you know? That soft setting sun, and her lovely expression. Just gorgeous.

And the piece de resistance . . . wow. She looks like a Covergirl. C, you should get into modeling. I'm so serious, look at that face!!!

Oh, by the way, I am feeling a little better today. Thanks for asking.


Friday, October 13, 2006

More Beauty . . .

I happen to be suffering miserably from the flu at the moment. But it's late, I can't sleep because I cannot breathe, so I'm bored. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to update my blog. So . . . here are more of this young beauty's senior portraits.

The first two were shot in an old hay barn. We had to use a reflector to bounce the sunlight back into the barn to light up her face. It worked like a charm.

My guess is she wont like this one, but I liked the way her hair was kind of messy. Gave her a whole different look I thought.

A new personal favorite of mine. She is just so beautiful. Kind of reminds me of Shania Twain . . but prettier.

The sun was getting ready to go down, so we were getting some really pretty light at the end.

Well, according to the clock, I can take more theraflu, so I'm gonna and hope I can sleep. Until next time, smile!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Natural Beauty

Have you ever met someone who was just naturally gorgeous?? I did tonight. You know, that girl that no matter how hard she tries, she cannot hide the fact that she is undeniably beautiful. While I think all my clients are beautiful, this girl has something special.

Maybe it's her eyes. Or her gorgeous hair. I'm not sure, but whatever it was, my camera ate it up!!

She picked out this very picturesque scene for the backdrop of some of her poses. Can it get any better than this??

C, thanks so much for choosing me to take your senior portraits. I truly enjoyed working with you. You and your mom were so fun, and sweet . . . well, you just made my job all the more enjoyable!

More to come . . .