Thursday, October 05, 2006

Natural Beauty

Have you ever met someone who was just naturally gorgeous?? I did tonight. You know, that girl that no matter how hard she tries, she cannot hide the fact that she is undeniably beautiful. While I think all my clients are beautiful, this girl has something special.

Maybe it's her eyes. Or her gorgeous hair. I'm not sure, but whatever it was, my camera ate it up!!

She picked out this very picturesque scene for the backdrop of some of her poses. Can it get any better than this??

C, thanks so much for choosing me to take your senior portraits. I truly enjoyed working with you. You and your mom were so fun, and sweet . . . well, you just made my job all the more enjoyable!

More to come . . .


Cristina Navarro said...

Goodness that's a lovely close-up! Wonderful work!

About Faces said...

Beautiful portraits DA! I LOVE them, especially the B&W!! She is gorgeous!!:)

Miss ya!:)

Alisha said...

Oh I agree! Look at her! BEAUTIFUL! She has some AWESOME/BEAUTIFUL eyes!!!!!!!! LOVE that b&w shot:)

Nadia said...

Gorgeous pics here too!