Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Senior Moments

Here are a few more of Chelise's senior portraits that I wanted to share. There were just so many good ones . . . I'm going to have a hard time narrowing them down for proofs!!

I loved this outfit. Her shoes were so darling!! I had her roll up her pant legs, just so I could see those great shoes! And I'm really into brown right now.

She has such an all american look I think. And when she smiles, her whole face smiles!! She said she hated that about herself . . . but I think she's crazy! She has a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes. And those sweet dimples . . . she's got the look for sure. Girl, you should love the way you smile, because when you light up, everything around you lights up too!



Alisha said...

WOW..SHE'S a beauty! Great angles & clarity! I LOVE her smile!!!!

Tina Parker said...

She sure is Beautiful!! I love all of her photos. You have a great eye for compisition!!

tiffani sunshine said...

da....all of your images of this stunning senior are just AWESOME (I peeked at the proofs!)! There were so many different poses and expressions (not to mention outfits!). Fabulous work! You make me wish I was a senior again! At least some of us still look like we are (and I'm not talking about me here, honey!!).;-)