Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Beautiful Babies

I have finished with the twins pictures, and have a few more I'd like to share. They were so beautiful, and so easy to work with.

I love taking babies portraits. Capturing their little belly's, their little fists, and bright eyes. Hoping to capture that elusive grin is always thrilling! I love it when you capture just the right moment!

These are all in black & white. I hope you enjoy them.


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Tina Parker said...

What a precious baby! Your photos are stunning, I really love the lighting here!!

I read your message on my blog about the srip of photos across the top, that'a a header and here is how you make one..

It's real simple to make one.
In photoshop go to File> new and make a new canvas that's 800w x 200H (you can make the H bigger, but this is the size of mine). So the size in inches is 2.667w x 0.667H and I made the resolution 300 pixels per inch. Then you open the photo you want to add to it and I think I made mine 3 inches tall and then used the free transform to get them to fit just right! I used various brushes and then added text. Then you save it and upload it somewhere - I used photobucket!
Then to add it to your blog- you can go here..

and that tells you where to put it. I kinda had a hard time with adding mine, but I finally got it, If you need some help- let me know K!!