Thursday, July 06, 2006


This is one of my all time favorites of my little one. She was 3 years old. We had been taking some pictures of her in her fairy wings, and I was ready to go in. She wanted to play longer. She looked up with this angelic face, clasped her little hands and said, "Puleeeeeezeee!" Obviously, it melted me. She got to stay out for like another hour.

I added the sidewalk chalk in Photoshop. She had been chalking on the porch, but it didn't show up in the frame. So I added some.

I'm so glad I have so many images of her to remember those moments. Because I remember that day very vividly because of this. It was the first day of school for her brother, in 2nd grade. It was our "last day" together, just us. I started babysitting the next day. So it was a special day, and we made the most of it.



Alisha said...

I love this shot as well! It's sooo darn sweet & it's ALWAYS sweet & cute when they're begging..haha! Great shot Da & AWESOME b&w;)

Cristina Navarro - New Day Photography said...

Love this shot...the chalk is charming....lovely!

Anonymous said...

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