Monday, July 10, 2006

Ta Dah!

Ok, here it is. This is not the best self portrait . . . as I cannot for the life of me figure out my self timer on my camera. But it will at least give those of you dying to see what I did to my hair, and idea.

Now remember, this is the first time I fixed it by myself too . . . so it could be better. But here it is. Like it or lump it.



Amanda said...

hey girl, you and I are the same colour! Although my hair is overdue for a colour and there are speckles of grey here, there and everywhere! I love your new do - it really suits you and must feel so much better in the heat!

dale ann cubbage said...

Thanks girlie! I'm wanting blonde highlights! And actually, it's not quite that red, the picture looks more red than it is. It's just brown with some red highlights.


tiffani sunshine said...

Oh da....I love your hair! It looks so fun and sassy!!! Highlights would be funky too! Isn't it a huge change??? I'm thinking of chopping mine too....not sure how short though! It's gonna be one of those decisions I make as I'm sitting in the chair about to get it done!!!:)

Congrats on your new "do" and I'm sure your new attitude!!!:) Have fun with it!

Alisha said...

OK...I just read that your hair was in the middle of your back...WOWZERS! That's some choppin at the locks:) I LOVE it! My hair USE to be that short! BUT it's long now:) I actually had my hair done last Friday....I'm lazy & haven't taken some SP to show it off! You have figured out the self timer now though........SOOOOOOOOOOO MORE MORE:)

About Faces said...

Gorgeous, DA!! I wish I could do that sometimes, but my hubby would seriously divorce me!!!! lol!!
Thanks for sharing!!:)
Do the blonde... its summer!!! :)

dale ann cubbage said...

Thanks girls! I appreciate you taking time to comment!


Nadia Smith said...

Very sophisticated looking!

Kelly Barclay said...

Looks great!! I think it fits you well!

dale ann cubbage said...

Thanks Nadia & Kelly! I feel like a new woman!