Wednesday, August 30, 2006

With This Ring . . .

Just wanted to share some of my favorite shots from the wedding ceremony of the Blossom-Young wedding I shot this past Saturday. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This is the bride's sister . . .

the groom's sister . . .

and the lovely flower girl.

The handsome groom, waiting for his bride.

The beautiful bride making her entrance. I love that look on her face, as she's making eye contact with her groom. Her eyes say, "Yeah, I'm looking hot!"

Repeating their vows . . .

With this ring . . . I thee wed.

The couple in prayer . . . the Best Man checking his watch!!

The flower girl peeking at ME during the prayer!!

Well, at least someone was praying!! This is the bride's mother and grandparents.

Taking their first steps as husband and wife. It was really cool, they walked out to the sexy crooning of Barry White! I thought that was pretty original. I love the little glance they are giving each other as they take that first step together.

Mr. and Mrs. Darren Blossom, August 26, 2006.



tiffani sunshine said...

Wonderful job da! You got a lot of great shots! I especially am LOVING the one of the best man checking his watch....that's pretty funny! I guess he thought your eyes were gonna be closed and he'd never get caught!!!;-)

Alisha said...

WONDERFUL Da...These are GREAT!! ;) LOVE those b&ws;) Love that ring shot! Congrats did AWESOME!!!