Friday, September 15, 2006

My Kids, My Love, My Life

I had the opportunity to get some new portraits of my kids yesterday. Hard to do sometimes. Rabbit (my husband) had taken us to show me a new little park he found in town that I could use for portrait shoots. It was a lovely spot. Lots of great trees, and wonderful little creek.

Well, I did end up getting a couple really cute shots of the kids. I was so happy with these, because I got their school pictures back this week . . . and they were AWFUL! Cami had that "my mouth is smiling, but not the rest of my face," thing going on. And Jack had the goofiest look on his face I've ever seen. Poor things, they were so proud to show me. But they were just pitiful.

I hope you enjoy these! I know I sure do!



About Faces said...

these are precious, DA! Dont you just love finding new spots???

Jessica Sandberg said...

I love the first picture. Great conversion!