Monday, September 04, 2006

More Wedded Bliss

Just wanted to share a few more of my favorite shots from the Blossom-Young wedding last Saturday.

This is the beautiful bride, before the wedding, not posing, just looking down at something while her sister laced up her dress. Isn't she gorgeous?

This is the bride entering the dark church before the wedding, for some bridal portraits. I grabbed this as she entered, hoping it would turn out.

I caught so many candid moments of her just getting ready. I think I was getting on her nerves, because everything she did, I clicked!!

Now this was just too sweet. She had someone go get Darren (groom) so she could talk to him before the wedding through the DOOR!! I took his picture outside the door, and then told her I was coming in and took her picture on the other side while they visited. It was just the cutest thing.

The bride blowing bubbles and taking a few minutes to relax while her sister laced up her gown.

This was taken after the wedding . . . aren't they romantic?

Ok, get a room.

One of Anna's beautiful bridal portraits. She has such an incredible smile!

Just a fun shot of the cake. The pink in the middle is their monogram, B.

Another of her beautiful bridal portraits.

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed them!


About Faces said...

Wow!! These are all so beautriful, DA! I LOVE the first shot of the bride looking off and the cake is so beautiful!!! Also LOVE the ones of them talking to each other thru the door, how Sweet!!! You did a FANTASTIC job!!!

Nadia said...

I simply adore those pics by the door. Love the drama and emotion.