Saturday, September 09, 2006

Homecoming Queen 2006

Thought I would share some from my recent senior portrait session. This girl was so sweet, and so easy to work with. She also just found out that in two weeks, she will be crowned as our school's 2006 Homecoming Queen! That's pretty exciting! I was so happy for her, I had to share her news here with you.

These shots at the train tracks were done not far from my parent's home. We were kind of nervous, so we kept listening for trains that might be sneaking up on us!

This girl just has the most wholesome look about her, doesn't she? She is so pretty, and has a heart of gold. She was just so sweet, and I really enjoyed working with her.

I think she thought I was nuts when she flipped her hair around, and I yelled, "DON'T MOVE!" It just looked so cute, and it was different than any of the other images!

All of the shots not done on the train tracks were shot at her cousin's house. It was a beautiful place, built on the side of a rocky hill. But they had this great swing, a treehouse, a hammock, lots of different lansdcaping and a great old looking building.

This was the old building, I decided to have her stand in the doorway, with the light coming it, so we could light it better. Love this one in black & white!

Now here's your classic "senior-peeking-around-tree-shot." But I liked it, her smile was so sweet.

This was shot at the creek, where Megan spends a lot of time. There was a beautiful waterfall in the background, and I loved how this shot almost looks like she's out on the edge of a cliff or something. I was standing in water to get this, but I like how it turned out.

This one just looks so glamourous to me. The perfect shot. She just laid back, and the light was great, and I just shot it. Loved her expression too. I think it's so innocent looking, at the same time, a kind of come-hither feeling too.

Thanks for looking and remember to smile!


Melinda said...

WOW!!!!! Megan's pictures are amazing! Awesome job!

<3 Melinda

Cristina Navarro - New Day Photography said...

That B/W is AMAZING! Love it!