Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Cheerleader and the Jock

We had Camryn's friend Caitlyn over today for a play date. The first thing they did was dress up. Camyrn of course went for the cheerleader outfit, and Caitlyn found this outfit of Jackson's that she put together herself. This is so true to life of who they are, Camryn is prissy and the cheerleader, and Caitlyn is the jock. I'm sure as they grow up together they will be the best of friends. But each having their own way of doing things. Caitlyn's mom, Carla and I were great friends growing up. I remember we were at her house when we found out Elvis had died. It was a horrible moment. We were just kids, but we knew it was the end of something wonderful.

We were also "Grease," fanatics. I can't remember how many times we actually saw it, but we knew all the songs by heart, and all the moves. I'm glad our girls are growing up together.


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