Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just a Couple Scrap Pages

Hi there! I have been so busy adding to my design blog, I have neglected this one. So how in the world are ya? Not much going on here. Just working!!

I just wanted to post a couple of recent scrap pages. I haven't gotten to scrap in almost three weeks now!! Too busy! But here are some recent favorites of the kids!
I think these three are some of my very favorite pages I've done. The kit is Always With You by Maria LaFrance, and is available at or By the way, you can click on the pages and they will get bigger so you can see them better!
I know, both of their eyes are closed . . .but they were feeling the snow fall on their faces. It was snowing like crazy! It was beautiful, and we don't get much of it, so we enjoyed every minute of it! I loved seeing the snowflakes on their eye lashes!
These are some older pics of Jackson, but they are some of my favorites of him. The list is his list of favorite things now, as a 9 year old. The kit I used for this I think is Fiesta by Kelly McDonald. I can't remember.
My little pumpkin pie learned how to tie her shoes IN ONE AFTERNOON!! She rocks, this girl has it together! She was so excited she was jumping for joy! Believe me, so was I!
And finnally, another old picture of Jackson. I think he was 7 here. He had just lost his two front teeth. A favorite of mine. I took this while we were in Tulsa at a park one afternoon. This was done for a Quote Challenge at HODS ( and the kit I used is the February Mega kit put together by all of us designers over there. I made the charms and the charm bracelet hanging across the top, and the Be Still My Heart word art sticker on the picture.
I tell you what, we have got some very talented and undiscovered talent over at HODS. You should come check us out. If you've never scrapped before, you should give it a try. It's so much fun! I love being keeper of the memories! And using scrapping to tell the rest of the story that my photographs are telling.
Well, better go. Got some serious house keeping to do today. I've been neglecting it all week. So you can imagine what I have waiting for me. Uggh.
Talk to you later! It's all good,

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